Does your business have an online presence? There is a huge difference in online lead generation and customer velocity between brands that have an online presence and brands that do not. And we’re not just talking about that social media page you post to occasionally or the handful of reviews on your Google My Business listing. We’re talking real presence.

Even for local businesses (especially for local businesses), attracting new customers is all about online visibility. If you aren’t on the front page or in the top-10 in a Google search for your business in your town, then you’re missing out on hundreds to thousands of new customers searching for exactly what you provide in your area. If you are not earning a steady increase in Google reviews from recent customers or building a community on social media, don’t forget that your competitors are doing just that. And reaping the rewards.

Without Online Presence, You Don’t “Exist” in the Digital World

The fact of the matter is that in today’s society, we search online for everything. People rarely shop based on “foot traffic” anymore. Even if someone is standing five feet from your door, they will check their phones for a quick Google search first. And if you don’t rank, you essentially do not exist. If you haven’t claimed your location on Google My Business, then you don’t show up on Google Maps, and customers won’t route to you.

You know how important Google rankings are because, like anyone else in our society, you use it, too. You use Google to find services and shops. You see brands that build a positive presence and community on social media. And you care about star-ratings and online reputations when you make your decisions. And so do your customers.

Selling Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

It should come as no surprise that brands with a lively social media community, great Google ratings, and well-managed reviews are thriving. They attract more attention and reel in new customers. They sell more, and they have a universally more satisfied clientele because your clients are part of a positive and growing community. The greater your online presence, the further your business will go on the concrete merits you have worked so hard to build. When you provide a great service and customer experience and new customers can rely on reviews to tell them that, your reputation and success will naturally grow.

The Risks of an Untended Online Reputation

Another, unfortunately negative, factor of online presence is the fact that it will build itself without you. But not necessarily in a good way. An un-curated Google review page will tend to skew negative, as people are more inspired to leave reviews about unhappy experiences than they are to pop in for a quick 5-star rating. Trolls who just like to cause problems and competitors who are threatened by your quality of service are far more likely to flock in to leave negative reviews than casually happy customers.

Even a few negative reviews, left unmanaged, can start to unfairly plummet your online reputation. You can absolutely deal with these reviews in a way that will remove fraudulent and abusive reviews and even turn-around unhappy customers. But it takes time, skill, and constant attention.

But I Don’t Have Time to Build an Online Presence

Of course, we also know that small and local businesses often don’t have the time or the on-staff team to focus on reputation management. You’re too busy rocking your industry and serving customers to comb every review you get, build a multi-channel social media campaign, and analyze your results to constantly up your game.

But we do. Here at Amazio, we offer an all-in-one online presence managed service, complete with a cutting-edge reputation platform for you to keep an eye out your growing success while we do our special thing for your brand. You can focus on doing what you do best: running your business, with all the oversight you could want on how we are working to fully represent your brand, build your online presence, and curate your reputation to the highest degree of quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today to find out more about the Amazio online presence platform and reputation management services. We are here to help with your presence management so you can focus on rocking your industry.

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